Monday, June 04, 2012

It's Queen Elizabeth's Fault

In case you were wondering, it turns out that the woeful condition of modern Great Britain can be blamed on...get ready for it...Queen Elizabeth!

That's right. The failed economy, the unemployment, the crime, the death of social graces, the surrender of national sovereignty, the traffic congestion -- all these and more have occurred during the Queen's watch. Ergo? Blame her for it.

Never mind that the Queen has served for 60 years with remarkable grace and selfless dedication. And never mind that the British monarchy hasn't had any real political power since Victoria died.

Since the caustic clods of the Fourth Estate dare not point to the real cause of modern Britain's ills -- and that would be excessive liberalism -- they prefer to find another patsy, no matter how genuinely blameless, to take the rap.

Thus this poorly written story created by Reuters, "UK has changed for worse under Queen Elizabeth." Good grief.