Monday, June 04, 2012

From the "Tail Wagging the Dog" Department: Only 2% Are Gay

If your perceptions of American society are shaped by television (and, sad to say, those of most Americans are), then you believe that around 25% of Americans are homosexual. That's an astounding increase from the 10% figure stated by Alfred Kinsey in his reports from the 1950s which were, for many decades, widely cited by educators and politicians.

So which percentage is correct?

Neither comes close. Try 2%.

Garance Franke-Ruta, a senior editor at The Atlantic, has written a rather surprising article for that publication ("Americans Have No Idea How Few Gay People There Are") in which she shares the 2% finding...and several other interesting things.

For instance, one is forced to ponder the inordinate social and political impact that this homosexual minority has managed to create. Stuart Gaffney, a leading same-sex marriage advocate, is quoted in the article, "My first reaction to [the Gallup information], aside from a little chuckle, is that it's actually a sign of the success of the movement for LGBT rights. We are a small minority, and we will never have full equality without the support of the majority, and a poll like that suggests the majority is extremely aware of their gay neighbors, coworkers, and friends."

Americans are quick to jump on bandwagons. They are extremely fashion-conscious and devoted to following whatever trends are "in." And there's no doubt that the homosexual lobby has successfully exploited this gullibility. Using the media, celebrities, liberal politicians and the establishment education system, the pro-homosexual lobby has created an illusion -- but one that has been dramatically influential.

Change perceptions and you eventually change realities.

Oscar Wilde once referred to homosexuality as "the sin that dared not speak its name." A modern writer (also homosexual) describes it now as "the sin that won't shut up." But it is also a sin that won't "fess up."  That is, homosexual leaders are so committed to implementing their agenda that they won't tell the truth. They hide the actual numbers because it would be detrimental to their cause. After all, Americans jump on bandwagons, not tricycles.

Homosexual leaders also hide facts that would be even more devastating to their cause, like the bizarre and disease-ridden practices homosexuals employ (which are driving up everyone's insurance payments), the insistence on removing all opposition (including the religious freedom of the majority), and the all-too-clear pronouncements from the Bible about God's judgment on individuals (and nations) who promote sexual perversion.

Imagine. All this press and political posturing about same-sex marriage. All the coercive sensitivity training courses. All the decrees by government agencies for LGBT special privileges. All the gay characters in television programs.

And yet only 2% of Americans are actually homosexual.

Do you think other forces are at work too?