Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family-Friendly Businesses? Not Any More!

Claire and I have written four letters expressing our principled protest of businesses that have suddenly become agents for homosexual activism. They are certainly not the first letters she or I have written to these companies -- these companies have pulled bonehead plays before -- but the reasons for writing them again and letting them know they are on our No Shop List were fresh. And thus so was our motivation.

If you dare to speak up for the Bible's teaching about sexuality and marriage (and, by so doing, speak up for the moral values that have allowed Western civilization to thrive), by all means, write a few letters too.

Within the letters I have made links to articles which give more information about each company's latest foray into the field of immoral activism. And at the conclusion of each letter is the contact information.

Dear Mr. Powell,

We were extremely disappointed to learn about General Mills taking such an aggressive stand against, of all things, traditional marriage! In your recent press statement hailing the quest for sexual "diversity" and promoting same-sex marriage, you offended millions of Americans who hold deep religious convictions about sexuality and marriage as taught in the Bible -- teaching that has stood Western civilization in great stead for millenia. How irresponsible.

Why get involved in this issue anyway? Why not stick to making cereal?

We have begun to search through the list of General Mills products with an eye to replacing them on our shelves with alternatives. Indeed, we will be diligently avoiding any and all General Mills products as long you thumb your nose at traditional American families.

General Mills, Inc.
P O Box 9452
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Also see

 Dear Mr. Johnson,

Though a faithful customer at J.C. Penney's for decades (it was my go-to store for clothes and household goods), I stopped shopping at your stores when you made an outspoken lesbian and aggressive promoter of same-sex marriage your national spokesperson.  But then your business went further to discredit traditional morality by displaying “in your face” same-sex couples ads for Mother’s and Father’s Days. And so I became more active in my opposition to your business plan by urging others among my family, friends, church members and the readers of my husband's blog to avoid shopping at J.C. Penney.

With the recent revelations of how your stock has tanked and how you’ve posted such a dramatic drop in sales, I'm hoping that J.C. Penney's will get out of homosexual activism and back into customer satisfaction. So, come on; return to your roots.  Supporting biblical morality and the traditional family values that have been the blessing of Western civilization is always a good course. When you go back to that, I’ll be back shopping at your stores. But definitely not until then.

J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc.
6501 Legacy Dr
Plano, TX 74024

To the Target Executive Officers Committee,

After reading about your strong public support of gay marriage, we will no longer shop at any Target store.  By declaring such disrespect towards the deeply held religious convictions of Catholics, evangelicals, orthodox Jews, Mormons, Muslims and others, your company has taken an irresponsible path into the culture wars rather than sticking to sound business principles.

Target has long been a favorite store of ours...but no more. And we plan on encouraging others among our family, friends, church members, and blog readers to shop elsewhere as long as Target continues to play politics, deliberately offend religious consumers, and dis marriage.

Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dear Ms. Rosenfeld

Hmm. Yet another company which has decided to jump headlong into the culture wars instead of sticking to business? Another company that has gone out of its way to attract the interest of homosexual activists (loud but very few in number) while grievously offending the millions of American citizens (Catholics, evangelicals, orthodox Jews, Muslims, Mormons, and others) who hold religious convictions about sexuality and marriage?

After reading about Oreo's "gay cookie" which the company's Facebook page made such a splashy event, we have decided to avoid buying Kraft/Nabisco products.

This was a very irresponsible move. Just ask J.C. Penney how homosexual activism worked for them.

Kraft Corporate Headquarters
3 Lakes Dr. Northfield, IL 60093