Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't Scare the Animals. Get A Room.

1) A camera is set up in the Austrian forest by the Carinthia Hunting Society to capture natural shots of wildlife.

2) The resultant photos end up including snapshots of "wild life" that were quite unexpected; namely an Austrian politician involved in...uh, intimate acts.

Okay, after parts one and two, you're figuring I'm describing a goofy movie or setting you up for a joke, right?

Wrong. And to prove that it's a description of real life in our modern, litigious Nanny State, here's plot point number 3) Despite the fact that the photos were not released and the politician's identity has been kept secret, he is still set to be awarded over $2500…for invasion of privacy.

I'm proposing the next stage in this drama be the counter-suit from an animal rights organization. After all, it was the critters who actually suffered the invasion of privacy, right? Couldn't they argue that the politician and his consort should have got a room, thereby protecting the innocent beasties from the fright (and perhaps moral offense) he created by bringing his game into the deep forest? The funds thus won could be used in several helpful ways…like constructing cheap motels near the woods.

Here's the story.