Friday, May 11, 2012

Just What Nasty Things Are In YOUR Reusable Grocery Bag?

Like a lot of folks, when grocery stores began offering reusable tote bags, I bought three or four. However, I almost immediately had second thoughts about the purchase. For instance, I remembered the advice from the cooking shows about not letting the produce or the red meat even touch the surface on which raw chicken had been placed. I thought too of how we wash the vegetables because we know how easily they pick up bugs and other ugly things from storage and travel.

So why should I place my groceries in tote bags that will undoubtedly hang on to traces of things I put in last week or longer -- things that have the opportunity to go bad on a microscopic level?

We decided to check out a few websites that might give us answers and, sure enough, we found that health officials were not very keen on the reusable grocery bag idea. Why?

Just ask the members of this Oregon girl's soccer team.