Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Few Must-Read Items

After an erratic beginning to spring, it's finally that time of year to exercise the dominion mandate...over our lawn! Therefore, Claire and I are in the middle of a hectic and physically challenging week as we try and balance some necessary Vital Signs activities (which includes writing the monthly LifeSharer letter and getting it out to our mailing list, writing another dozen or so individual letters, and presenting three "When Swing Was King" programs) with a energetic attack on several lawn projects.

And I'm afraid that trying to get all of that done leaves little time for blogging this week. Please accept my apologies.

However, before I head out for my third trip to The Rock Place out in Elkhorn to fill up the Oldsmobile with "discount rock," let me at least pass on the following must-read items:

 * "What Does 'Composite Girl' Tell Us About Obama?" (Jack Cashill, American Thinker.)

* "Democrats Say: Arrest the Messenger!" (John Hinderaker, PowerLine)

* Dave Gehrls from Christ For The City has an important report on how the City of Lincoln's liberal leadership has stacked the deck regarding an ordinance to deny religious freedoms to the general public by granting special rights for LGBT community.

* "Former AG Michael Mukasey: Obama Officials Drafted Memo to Blame Military If OBL Mission Failed"

* "US Secretly Releasing Taliban Fighters" (Fox News report.)

* "The Asian Tiger ― Japan ― Is In Danger of Extinction" (Brian Clowes, LifeSiteNews.)

* "Obama Abolishes the Press Conference" (Keith Koffler, White House Dossier)

* "Maumelle Mother Sues After Son Gets Cut From Team" (Adam Rodriguez,