Friday, April 06, 2012

Postmodern Religion Gets an "F' In Logic 101

Post-modern theology is self-defeating...In an attempt to reach the culture it capitulates to the culture.  In trying to be geared to the times, it is no longer anchored to the Rock. It is not an emerging church; it is really a submerging church...

The post-modern dilemma is painful.  It cannot even express its view without borrowing from its opposing view.  It literally has no ground of its own on which to stand.  It is living on borrowed capital...

In this compelling article written by renowned Christian apologist Norman Geisler, such "postmodern Christians" as Brian McLaren, Stanely Grenz, Rob Bell, and Tony Jones are taken back to Logic 101 as Geisler demonstrates just how arrogant, mindless, and self-defeating are their attacks on orthodox Christianity.

It's good stuff, showing just how far the postmodern theologians have fallen into absurdity. Yet these guys have had enormous influence. Indeed, reading through the passages Geisler cites, I'm afraid I see the roots of a lot of the insipid leadership that exists in the evangelical church today -- pastors who are more into dialogue than revealed truth, more into popularity than principle, more into sociology than soteriology, more into capitulation to the world than confrontation.

In this context, Geisler's article makes for an excellent corrective.