Monday, April 02, 2012

Let the Jungle Reclaim the Planet

It turns out that the Planet Under Pressure conference which took place in London last week was just as wacky, obscurantist and disturbing as predicted. For coming from the conference were such wild presentations as the professor who likened skepticism of man-made global warming to racism and the protection of slavery. Another participant insisted that humans be rounded up into more and more densely crowded cities so that the rest of the planet could resort to wilderness.

Goofy? Certainly. But look out...because these kinds of folks have a track record of using the courts, media and Nanny State governments like Barack Obama's administration to get their way.

And if Professor Kari Norgaard gets her way it will mean that refusal to surrender to the political-correctness regarding climate change will be "treated" as a mental sickness. And what of the idea to require people to live in bigger, denser cities so that the forests, plains and jungles can reclaim more of "their" planet? It's not an idea new to this conference but quite similar to the ‘Planned-Opolis’ proposal put out by the Forum for the Future organization last year. There the fantasy that was floated presented a world "in which human activity will be tightly regulated by a dictatorial technocracy in the name of saving the planet."

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