Monday, April 02, 2012

Busy Weekend Closes With Great Letter-Writing Outreach

Whew. The weekend was certainly a full one.

There was, for instance, cleaning the deck (and underneath it) and straightening up the garage. Then there was lawn work: raking, re-seeding portions of the front lawn and watering.

There was some intensive study of Psalm 70 in preparation for Sunday's sermon and a bit of work on the next volume of "When Swing Was King" which must be ready by Tuesday afternoon.

Saturday night was the Notting Hill Napoleons' discussion of our book for the month (Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind) which was held over at Ruth's. A great time.

Sunday morning was taken up with an early rising, putting the finishing touches on the sermon and then the service itself at Faith Bible Church. We then headed to Jason's Deli for a lunch with Paul Aylward and his fiance, Carrie. I'm performing their wedding ceremony later this summer and so that was one of the things we discussed. Good kids.

Sunday evening we drove back downtown to Faith Bible Church to conduct a letter-writing party.  The Outreach Committee of FBC, desirous of extending yet further their Christian service into the public square, has committed to conducting such an event every quarter. And this, the church's second letter-writing party, was another terrific success. For from this little inner city church, there were 17 people on hand! We were well organized, focused and eager -- so much so that in only about 90 minutes, we completed a total of 76 letters and cards!

The targets included City Councilpersons (regarding the LGBT special privileges proposal), Nebraska state senators (regarding LB 461 and, for some, specific thank you's), diplomats from countries where Christians are being persecuted, missionaries supported by FBC, and a few others. Great job, guys; if only a handful of other churches would follow your example!

So yes; it was a very busy weekend...but a most rewarding one. Thanks, Lord.