Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Wanna' Protect Your Conscience? Then You Need LB 461.

...Medicine certainly requires technical competence, but it is fundamentally a moral activity, since an essential part of its practice is helping patients decide what they ought to do in particular situations.

It is therefore critical that physicians and other health care workers be protected from having their integrity compromised by being compelled into acting against their consciences by patients, hospitals or government agencies.

The Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act, LB 461, would protect as a basic civil right the right of all health care providers and institutions to decline to participate in any health care functions that violate their respective consciences. The bill also would prohibit all forms of discrimination against them for such refusal…

Good stuff from Dr. Clyde Meckel and Susan Meckel.

I suggest you forward this Omaha World-Herald op/ed to your friends, church colleagues…and, most definitely, to your state senator. Given the war on religious freedoms being waged by Barack Obama, passing LB 461 is of extreme importance.