Friday, March 02, 2012

The Star Trek Doctor Was Right...About Life

Amid all the hassles and inefficiencies of Facebook (and they are legion), I admit that I still benefit tremendously from the stimulating contact with new friends, ongoing friends, and friends that I thought I had lost along the way but have now most pleasantly re-discovered. Among that last group are journalist John Sullivan whose comment yesterday I just had to pass along to a wider audience.

John wrote, "As a fan of science-fiction, my son and I were watching a re-run of an old Star Trek episode from one of the many series that aired about 8 years ago. When the ship's doctor was abducted and was asked to "euthanize" a Klingon suffering from a disease, he refused, telling his captors that as a doctor, it was "unethical to end a life at any stage." My son chimed in right away, "Daddy, he's Pro-Life!" The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways. Even through Star Trek. :)"