Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sorry, Lady Gaga. There's No Gay Gene.

Lady Gaga' song, "Born This Way," accepts (and, of course, accelerates further) the popular myth that a person's sexual orientation is DNA-determined. This myth is responsible, as much as anything, for promoting sympathy for such things as homosexual marriage and special legal protection.

But as Dale O'Leary notes in his Mercator-based blog, Conjugality, the proposition that certain people are prenatally wired to homosexuality has no real scientific basis. And this despite the best efforts of gay friendly researchers.

For instance, O'Leary cites the 4 issues in 1995 of The Journal of Homosexuality published in 1995 on this specific matter. The conclusion: “Current research into possible biological bases of sexual preference has failed to produce any conclusive evidence.”

And there's been absolutely no scientific evidence since that time to change that conclusion. A lot of talk; a lot of myth-sharing; and a lot of pop culture pontificating -- but no science.

Pass it along.