Wednesday, March 07, 2012

For Crying Out Loud, Start Writing Letters

It was brought to my attention yesterday that almost all of the letters posted on the Omaha City Council's website which expressed opposition to the LGBT "special privileges" resolution came from the small letter-writing party we had a couple of weeks ago.

That, I believe, is extremely significant in two respects. 1) It shows how individual efforts count. And 2) It suggests that very few citizens bothered to write individual letters.

Imagine the persuasive effect if even 5% of the Omahans who have expressed their opposition of the resolution to family, friends, fellow employees, and fellow church members would have bothered to voice opposition via a letter to their city councilperson! 

I spoke to a state senator last night about this particular point and he enthusiastically agreed that a whole lot of individual letters (letters that were clear, firm, brief and courteous) could have been a more effective witness than the oral testimony delivered at the open hearing last night.

Now, please remember that I applaud all sorts of communication venues. I did a 6-day a week radio program for many years. I still use signs in front of abortion mills. I run blogs, write articles, preach every Sunday, talk to my neighbors and so on. But with all that, I maintain there is a peculiar power transmitted through individual letters.

Letters can make a huge difference. So, for crying out loud, let's start writing them...

* The City Council hasn't yet voted on the LGBT resolution. Therefore, your letters (and calls) are still of critical importance. Here is the contact page.

* Tips on Letter Writing

* Among the topics covered in last month's LifeSharer letter (the monthly communiqué I write for Vital Signs Ministries) is creating letter-writing parties as part of the regular advocacy ministries of local churches. I'd urge you to do what you can (and we're certainly ready to help) to get that started in your church.

* And, besides the Omaha City Council resolution, what is an important target for your letters? See the two items below:

* Wanna' Protect Your Conscience? Then You Need LB 461.

* Protecting the Rights of Conscience