Friday, March 23, 2012

Don't Miss Reading

Here are a few gems you should bookmark now. Then sometime during the weekend, brew up and read them carefully.  Important stuff.

* "The Obamacare Hydra" by Michelle Malkin.

* "Obamacare Rationing Panels an 'Immediate Danger to Seniors': Former AMA President" by Life Site News writer, Kathleen Gilbert.

* "Obama Mocks Critics As Gas Prices Go Up" by Mike Brownfield at the Heritage Foundation

* "Nearly 1,000 Pakistani Women ‘Killed for Honor" -- Arabiya News report.

* "Will Down Syndrome Children Disappear?" by Mercator's Dominic Perrottet.

* "5 Reasons That Shouting 'Racism' Doesn't Work Anymore" by John Hawkins.