Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Rosy Day

Claire and I are off this morning to Council Bluffs where we will spend about 3 hours judging home-school kids who are engaging in a 5-state speech and debate contest. We've done this quite a few times over the years and always find it interesting and fun...sometimes even inspiring.

And, because the organizers keep asking us to help out, we do.

And then we will be staying over in the Bluffs for awhile as we present this month's edition of "When Swing Was King" to an audience at North Crest nursing home.

Then it's back to Omaha for a few other tasks before taking Allen and Cindy Nelson to dinner for her birthday.

A full day but I think it promises to be a rather rosy one too. And, yes, I did manage to get a couple of posts on the blog this morning which I think you will find of interest:

Abortion Shame? Not Very Often. 

Remembering the CPC's Beginnings

Check them out.