Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obama's Tragic Naiveté Towards Communist China

Let's make sure we add these things up correctly, okay?

First, let's take President Barack Obama's decision to slash America's military budget -- while escalating yet further the spending which goes to the welfare state. Obama's program will reduce American nuclear warheads to considerably less than those possessed by Russia and even less than Communist China.

Yes, this is the same belligerent Communist China that enslaves workers, forces abortion and sterilization on her subjects, brutally persecutes Christians and others of conscience, and engages in constant espionage against America's government and private businesses. The same Communist China who Barack Obama gleefully praised yesterday for its "peaceful rise" and its "help to bring stability and prosperity to the world."

That praise, by the way, came just days after the Chinese government cancelled a scheduled meeting with Suzan Johnson Cook, the U.S. ambassador at large for international religious freedom, who wanted to talk over China's abysmal record of human rights abuses.

So what does it add up to?

For the sake of America's security, for the sake of America's international reputation, and for the sake of America's crucial responsibilities to raise the banners of liberty and justice in meaningful ways...we desperately need to elect a new President next November.