Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not Everyone Is Going to the After-Life Party

After the avant-garde fashion queen Zelda Kaplan died as models paraded down a catwalk during NYC's Fashion Week, a society photographer quipped, "“I will truly miss her. But [I'll] look forward to seeing her again in the great nightclub she will be hosting called after-life.”


Despite the clear and unequivocal teaching of the Holy Bible that only believers in Jesus Christ, those who have had the penalty of their sins paid for by the gracious sacrifice of Jesus, will go to heaven when they die with all others going to the desperate horrors which mark Hell, moderns continue to act as if everybody is guaranteed (by their own merits) to move on to a paradise of their particular choosing: golf courses, tropical islands, NASCAR races or fashionable cocktail parties.

But as the demon Mephistopheles told Faustus when the hedonistic doctor mocked the existence of hell, "Ay, think so still -- till experience change thy mind."