Monday, February 13, 2012

Komen & Planned Parenthood: The Bloom Is Off the (Pink) Rose

Komen for the Cure's partnership with the mega-abortion corporation, Planned Parenthood, is so inexplicably bizarre that it clearly hurts the Komen image every time it comes up in the news. And negative image means fewer dollars for care and research. Therefore, for an organization that insists it is only concerned about women's health, Komen's ongoing involvement with Planned Parenthood is shameful.

But Komen's primary defense of this counter-productive partnership has always been that Komen's national headquarters had nothing to do with the matter. Komen leaders insisted that they were in the clear -- that the money collected from well-meaning Komen donors and then given to Planned Parenthood reflected the decisions of local branches only.

The latest flap has proven that was a lie. Protests of Komen's irresponsible donations to the nation's #1 abortion-promotion, abortion-providing business had become loud and frequent enough that Komen's national leaders finally took action. They announced that Komen would no longer allow such grants -- only to reverse their decision almost immediately as the leftist press began to howl.

But, by then, the truth had become clear to all America. Komen officials had been active co-conspirators in the mess all along the way.

Back in December I posted an item ("Komen & Planned Parenthood Still Partners? One Christian Business Acts Appropriately. You Can Too.") in which there are links to breast cancer care and research organizations that one can support without surrendering their pro-life conscience. I urge you to check out those important alternatives to Komen and to urge friends, family, church members and local businesses to do the same.

And one other thing, read the latest tale of lavish spending and irresponsible leadership being demonstrated at Komen for the Cure. The article entitled, "Komen Founder Nancy Brinker’s Mysterious Expense Report," is at the Daily Beast.