Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Full (And Varied) Day

On the street. In the nursing home. At the computer. At the doctor's. In the gym.

It's a busy day.

We started off with praying outside the Planned Parenthood abortion mill this morning -- Claire and I, Carol Moran and Quint Coppi. We did a bit of sidewalk counseling with the few who briefly parked in front (they are directed by signs, security guards and phone calls to go round the back where we do not have any access) so it's really difficult in this place.

We were encouraged, however, by the increased goodwill we are getting from those driving by. We feel quite certain this is not only a reflection on our demeanor and our winsome baby signs and banners, but also the continued exposure of Planned Parenthood to the American public. The many scandals surrounding this wicked business still haven't received proper treatment from the mainstream media but the news is getting around anyhow. More and more people are learning about the numbers of abortions, the percentage of PP's business that abortion represents, the criminal activities and coverups, the huge amounts of government money they receive, the sleazy sex ed materials they distribute to kids, etc.

The light is finally beginning to shine on Planned Parenthood. And people are not liking what they see.

After we got home, Claire headed off to a doctor's appointment as she tries to get this acid reflux thing under some control. It's been two weeks since our emergency visit to the ER but she is still dealing with a lot of discomfort and sometimes some very tough pain.

While she's seeing Ralph Kramper (our physician and dear friend), I'm doing a bit of blogging. And, for the first time, I'm doing it completely on our new Mac. It's coming along a lot easier than I expected (though I'm going to need some practice and a bigger keyboard) but I'm pretty pleased. That's really good too because my downstairs computer was hit yet again last night with a particularly nasty virus, shutting the whole thing down. And I think this time, it's for good.

If you would have asked me last night about the deal, I would have told you I knew how Elvis must have felt when he shot out TV screens. In fact, I'm still not beyond thinking about it.

Anyhow, when Claire gets back we will have just enough time to shower and get ready for a "When Swing Was King" presentation up in Fort Calhoun. And, when we get back to Omaha, we will make a trip to the library, have dinner together, get in a session at the gym, and try to figure out the Mac's e-mail procedures. Also, the project I was working on last night when the computer was hijacked was a brand new edition of "When Swing Was King" and I had figured out a couple of cool new tricks to speed up my creation of these new programs. I hope to transfer that all over to the Mac tonight as well and get back to where I was.

A full (and I sure hope) a useful day.