Monday, February 13, 2012

Fairy Tales or Modernity: Which Is the Most Frightening?

Reading through the "Quirkies" section of Orange, the news organization out of Great Britain, I've been reminded again (as if I could ever forget) that I live in a very strange culture -- a culture that, in it's headlong dive into hedonism, is determined to ditch decency, rationality and any vestige of Christian civilization.

Case in point? Well, how about the bed and breakfast up in the Lakes District that now caters to threesomes? Or the excited buzz being created at the New York Fashion Week over the gender-bending supermodel who will strut the catwalk as both a man and a woman? Then, of course, there's the updates of how to obtain a divorce in less than 24 hours, the transgendered person who boasts over a thousand sex partners, or the Chinese zoo that is celebrating Valentine's Day with a forced mating of a sheep with a deer.

There's also a report there at Orange about how progressive parents are rejecting traditional fairy tales for their kids, choosing instead stories that are less frightening. They believe the old tales are too graphic, too violent, too sexist and otherwise laced with too many antiquated moral themes.

But when it comes down to really scary stories, let's face it. Compared to what our modern culture is producing daily for the newspapers, TV and internet, those old fairy tales seem downright cuddly.