Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's Happening...And What's Going To Happen?

Even though we do not present a "When Swing Was King" today, we still have a very full to-do list in front of us with a lot of letters to be written and sent, a couple of errands, an afternoon haircut and a few hours in the kitchen. This latter activity is due to our postponing the "Santa runs" we had scheduled for the 12 Days of Christmas (that doggone tooth problem). But since Dr. Curry performed his magic with a difficult (but painless for me) root canal, we're ready to prepare the cookies (Claire's task) and the cornbread and sausage dressing (my job) for delivery over the next couple of days.

And yes, as you'll see from the posts below, I've also managed to get in some blogging today.

But the key point of this post is to draw your attention to some really important opportunities coming your way. Please check these out and consider joining us in these events. They are all terrific chances for you to be informed, inspired and "properly invested." Just click on the links provided for more information.

* "The State of the Pro-Life Movement" by John Eidsmoe -- Friday evening, January 20 at the Valentino’s Restaurant at 101st and Maple.

* The annual Walk for Life in Lincoln featuring Ryan Bomberger on Saturday morning, January 28th.

* "In the Beginning: Celebrating & Defending the Doctrine of Creation in a Naturalistic Culture." This is the theme of the 2012 Rochester L’Abri Conference on February 10 & 11. Pat Osborne and Claire and I are planning on going up for what promises to be a weekend of enlightenment, encouragement and networking.

Interested in joining us? It would make a terrific road trip!

Among the general sessions scheduled are "Still Being Human" (Ranald Macaulay) and "Who Were Adam and Eve and Why Should Anyone Care? (Jack Collins) with plenty of stimulating elective seminars such as "Sex, Lies, and Secularism" (Nancy Pearcey), "Christ and Creation " (Clarke Scheibe), "Philosophical and Scientific Evidence for the Creation of the Universe" (Greg Jesson), "Thinking Past Poptarts: Our Call to Creativity for the 21st Century Household" (Sue Morrell), "The Greatest Sermon Ever" (Ranald Macaulay), "How Christian Faith Helps us to Love Science" (Jack Collins) and "Growing Grey in Never-Never Land: Reflections on Psalm 90" (Nancy Snyder).