Thursday, January 05, 2012

What a Week!

What a week! (Is it really only Thursday?) So far we've 1) encountered an invasion of computer viruses (yes, plural); 2) had said viruses defeated by the able and generous Steve Young; 3) cancelled Santa runs" and even a dinner party because of a raw nerve in a cracked tooth; 4) made an emergency visit to the dentist (Dr. Roger Curry, also quite able and generous) who prescribed antibiotics, pain killers and an appointment for a root canal next week; 5) managed to host another dinner party with great guests Ron & Linda Scheffler, Karla Struble, John and Pattie Velasquez; 6) joined with friends in sidewalk counseling outside the abortion mill; 7) blogged; 8) worked on next week's sermon; 9) did the end-of-year finances for Vital Signs Ministries and 10) wrote letters, read Chesterton and edited the next edition of "When Swing Was King."

Today, on this last day of Christmas, we start off the New Year with the first presentation in our revised "When Swing Was King" schedule. We will also try to finish our correspondence as well.

And all the while dealing with this bothersome tooth business. Sigh.

Tomorrow it's more of the same plus we will prepare the meal for our last dinner party of the Christmas season. Our Epiphany event (7 guests this year) will feature the dinner and our traditional practices: candlelight conversation, listening to Dylan Thomas reciting "A Child's Christmas in Wales," and the ceremony of wrapping up the nativity figures. We're looking forward to it.