Monday, January 09, 2012

Planned Parenthood: The Stink Is Beginning To Rise

Pro-life advocates have prayed for decades that the shame and scandal which Planned Parenthood so richly deserved would finally become their public portion. And many of us have added to our prayers our educational efforts, sidewalk counseling, peaceful protest, letter-writing, political advocacy and more.

But it has only been in the last few years that we have seen this shame and scandal finally begin to stick to the mega-abortion corporation that is Planned Parenthood. Thank You, Lord.

Live Action's undercover videos exposing the abortionists' vile procedures (including the repeated cover up of statutory rape) have not been covered by the mainstream media. But the alternative media has reported the news. And thus more and more Americans are aware of the truly sinister nature of Planned Parenthood.

Several state legislatures have attempted to de-fund the giant abortion business. And even though the Obama administration, liberal judges and the Democrat Party continue to fight those de-funding actions, the public is learning the truth; namely, that Planned Parenthood is a very rich corporation and not at all the needy charity as it has masqueraded.

There is also a beginning of grassroots opposition to Planned Parenthood's nefarious partnerships. For instance, parents are choosing to take their daughters out of Girl Scouts because of that organization's cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood. Many who would otherwise make donations to Komen for the Cure are looking elsewhere because of that organization's bizarre, counter-productive relationship with Planned Parenthood.

And parents are finally putting pressure on local school districts to get their kids away from Planned Parenthood's ineffective, immoral, abortion-selling "sex education" classes.

All of this is good news, hopeful news. But it is news that should merely fire us up to oppose the racist, elitist and bloody business of Planned Parenthood with greater fervency than ever.

Let's roll.