Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Latest Numbers Prove Again -- Planned Parenthood Is All About Abortion

The latest numbers are in and they again show that Planned Parenthood's rhetoric is a far cry (though, befitting Planned Parenthood, a strangled cry) from the actual record.

The specifics? Though Planned Parenthood continues to claim that its abortion services are just a tiny bit of its business (I heard liberal pundit Eleanor Clift make this claim just this weekend), PP's 2009-2010 report tallied up 329,445 surgical abortions compared to 31,098 prenatal services and 841 adoption referrals.

And keep in mind that those surgical abortion numbers do not include the even greater number of preborn children destroyed by PP chemicals.

Here's a visual to help you "see" the reality; namely, Planned Parenthood is all about abortion.