Tuesday, January 03, 2012

China's Crackdown on Human Rights Leaders Escalates

At the beginning of this new year, take a few moments to consider the spirit which motivates Communist China, the superpower that not only insists on control of the eastern hemisphere but, through it's tactics of espionage, economic prowess (based in part on slave labor), purchase of American land, development of weapons, influence in the United Nations and multinational business giants, etc., demonstrates its eager lust for control of the western hemisphere as well.

And to help inform your considerations, please note these recent news stories:

"Chen Wei jailed in China for 'subversive' writing -- Chen Wi" (BBC News China)

"China Set to Punish Another Human Rights Activist -- Ni Yulan." (New York Times)

"China imprisons veteran activist Chen Xi." (BBC News China)

"Brother Says Missing China Rights Lawyer (Gao Zhisheng) Held in Remote Prison." (Voice of America)

"Violence erupts in China as police knock down mosque for being an 'illegal religious place'." (Daily Mail)