Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Barack Obama Is a No-Show for General Petraeus Retirement

You would think that when General David H. Petraeus performed the final chapter in his storied 37-year career in the U.S. Army that Barack Obama would have been on hand.

Wouldn't you?

But then again, this is Barack Obama. And so it appears that the President just couldn't fit the event into his busy schedule of golf games, fundraising dinners, vacations and White House parties.

My, oh my. It's just another in an increasingly long (and very disturbing) series of high level snubs directed at the genuine heroes of our nation by the remarkably self-absorbed socialist who masquerades as our Commander in Chief.

Of course, the story of Obama's shamelessly going AWOL for this key event wasn't covered by the press. Indeed, few of the "mainstream media" bothered to cover the General Petraeus event itself. However, thanks to the Washington Times, you can get a few of the details of the ceremony as well as a well-deserved thank you to General David Petraeus. Check it out right here.

Thanks to Ralph & Linda Aldrich for alerting me to this important story.