Monday, December 19, 2011

The Vacation President Takes Off Again

Remember how Ronald Reagan (despite his great love for his California ranch) spent every Christmas in Washington, D.C. in order that his Secret Service detail could spend the holidays with their families? Well, no altruistic sentiments are gonna' get in the way of Barack Obama's pleasure -- no way, baby.

Indeed, comparing Reagan's attitude to that of the most vacation happy occupants the White House has ever seen (Don't they like the place?) is a very dramatic contrast.  Just look at this latest jaunt -- a $4,000,000 vacation that looks like it will be their most expensive of all.

And that takes some doing.

America, please remember this next November. Remember how Barack and Michelle Obama have decried the wealthy as greedy, uncaring despots -- even as the Obamas live more lavishly (on your money!) than the Sun King himself.