Friday, December 09, 2011

A Thinking, Caring, Blogging Couple

Two of our best friends are John and Barb Malek. We have been pro-life colleagues for more than 25 years and members of the Notting Hill Napoleons book club for almost as long. In both of these arenas (as well as their very effective ministries with family, work, church, and community), they have proven themselves dedicated, courageous, visionary and wise. We admire them very much and are really grateful for the way they have enriched our lives.

These things are nothing new to those who know the Maleks. But for those of you who do not, let the above paragraph serve as an encouragement for you to benefit from one of their newest ministries; namely, blogging. John blogs at "In Pursuit of Reason" where he takes a distinctly Christian perspective on politics, economics, American history, the culture wars and related topics. John was particularly motivated to start his blog as a way to stimulate more biblical-centered thinking among young believers in his church and so he writes carefully, patiently and kindly -- but without moral compromise. He does a very good job at it. His latest column, "Is Capitalism Driven By Greed," is a fine example.

Barb started her blog earlier. It's title comes from Barb's work as a director of the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling -- "Erase the Need," as in erase the supposed "need" for abortion. As it is designed, Barb's blog deals most with surgical and chemical abortion but she has successfully covered other life issues also. She is very experienced in these subjects and she writes with great understanding, skill and fervency. I'm sure you'll find Barb's columns very informative and provocative too. One of her latest (Barb's columns are posted almost daily) is a very important piece, "Did Planned Parenthood and RU-486 Kill Holly Patterson?"

John and Barb Malek, two intelligent, principled Christian activists who are very much at your service. Check 'em out.