Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reviewing Vital Signs' 2011

Tonight is the quarterly meeting of the Vital Signs Ministries Governing Board and it looks like it will be an interesting, uplifting evening. First of all, Claire and I will get to spend some time with quality friends whom we love and respect. And second, we will be rejoicing in the ways in which God used Vital Signs in 2011.

True, our finances aren't in great shape but there's been an awful lot accomplished with what we do have. And we are very grateful to all who have helped us out this year...including those of you who can only give of your prayers and encouragement. Thank you.

Among the things we'll be reviewing are our prayer and sidewalk counseling ministry outside the Planned Parenthood abortion center. Earlier this year we moved our team from the abortion mill down in Bellevue to the one in northwest Omaha. We have emphasized our opposition to the nation's number one abortion promoting, abortion performing organization in many other ways this year too, most notably in our helping develop Nebraskans Against Planned Parenthood, creating a special blog for NAPP, featuring more posts on Vital Signs Blog about the sinister purposes and policies of Planned Parenthood, and co-sponsoring a public information meeting with Rita Diller here in Omaha.

Tonight we will also discuss our expanding Russian-language outreach, our letter-writing activities, and the work put into Vital Signs Blog which, by the end of 2011, will have drawn over 130,000 page loads. We will also talk about upcoming events like the March for Life in Washington, D.C. and the Walk for Life (this year featuring Ryan Bomberger) sponsored by Nebraska Right to Life down in Lincoln.

And we will also be rejoicing together this evening over the phenomenal success in 2011 of "When Swing Was King," our ministry in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. By the end of December, we will have given 105 presentations. That's right, 105.

So the Vital Signs Ministries Governing Board moves into the Christmas season with all kinds of reasons to be encouraged -- and reasons to emboldened to keep fighting for the sanctity of life in the year to come.