Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Obama vs Reagan: How Do They Really Compare?

Back on December 13, I linked visitors to a nifty column from David Limbaugh about Barack Obama's grandiose (and laughable) statements on 60 Minutes about just how great a President he has been. I just re-read that Limbaugh column and invite you to do so as well.

But then add to the mix this illuminating column from John Hinderaker over at Power Line. In that article, Hinderaker concentrates solely on comparing Obama's "achievements" with those of Ronald Reagan.

So Obama thinks his record so far–nearly three years, not just two–stacks up favorably against any president with the “possible exceptions” of Lyndon Johnson, FDR, and Abraham Lincoln. 

The man is simply delusional. 

This is a game one could play for a long time, but let’s just compare President Obama’s record in his first three years (almost) in office with that of Ronald Reagan over the same time. Reagan inherited a worse crisis than Obama: interest rates and inflation at unprecedented levels; our national defenses in a state of near collapse, with the Soviet Union advancing aggressively around the world; recession, high unemployment and a stratospheric cost of living. His solutions to these problems, of course, were quite different from Obama’s approach. 

Let’s compare how they did...

And Hinderaker then does just that. Don't miss it. In fact, don't allow your friends to miss it. This is definitely a pass-around article.