Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here's "Chesterton & Christmas" For You

Still haven't finished your Christmas shopping? Are you looking for gifts that will thrill, inform, entertain and stimulate the soul? Then consider giving the gift of G.K. Chesterton! You can still order reasonably-priced books, videos and cool GKC gear from the American Chesterton Society and get it delivered by Christmas Day. A cool idea, huh?

It gets better.

By ordering anything from the Chesterton Society, you can (for awhile) get a free download of a delightful address, "Chesterton and Christmas." It's a neat present that the ACS is giving in thanks for your patronage.

Of course, I risk calling this present neat and delightful -- because the address is one delivered by yours truly at an ACS conference a few years ago. But, believe me, those words are appropriate because the lecture is about terrific subjects: namely, the great G.K.Chesterton, the great C.S. Lewis, and the great holiday that is Christmas.

Check things out at the American Chesterton Society's nifty website right here.

(Actually, you can listen to "Chesterton and Christmas" without buying anything but the good people at the ACS would sure love you to consider their wide array of neat stuff. Please do.)