Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fires of Persecution Burn Against Christianity

Once again Muslim jihadists bombed Christmas services in several Nigerian churches. It's become a cruel tradition and, once again, the numbers of victims murdered testify to 1) the unjust barbarity of radical Islam, 2) the failure of Muslim governments to address the horrors, 3) the failure of the liberals running U.S. and European governments to present significant protests to these despicable crimes and 4) the irresponsibility of Western media to properly report on the violence. 

Meanwhile in Egypt, the heavy victory of the Islamists in recent elections may well spell the doom of Christians in that country. Christians lived in Egypt centuries before Islam came to be -- and though they represent but a very small percentage of the population, the new spirit of jihad that moves the Muslim world is determined to remove the Christians forever.

Fraser Nelson, in this frightening and sad story for the Telegraph, describes other examples of the persecuted church as he bemoans Great Britain's cowardly refusal to address the crisis. But what he writes is important reading for Americans too.