Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Death On Wheels" & Other Culture of Death Updates

* Shall we call it Death on Wheels? The Dutch government, already gaga over euthanasia, is now considering mobilized death squads, specialists who will take the poison-filled syringes out in the neighborhoods to service people "who meet the criteria for euthanasia but whose doctors are unwilling to carry it out." The benefits? More euthanasia, more swiftly performed and at cheaper rates than hospital killing. 

* The most comprehensive review to date into the link between abortion and mental health problems -- a review commissioned by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges -- has confirmed that women who have an unwanted pregnancy are at increased risk of experiencing mental health problems after an abortion. And connected to that highly alarming news is that 98% of all abortions carried out in Great Britain are thus...technically illegal!

* As shocking, as sickening as sex selection abortion is, the terrible fact remains that sex selection abortion is big business in several parts of the world. So it makes sense to guard against it (and abortions based on race) by Congressional action, right? Who on earth could be so disgustingly, radically pro-abortion as to oppose even this limitation? Planned Parenthood, that's who -- along with NARAL, the ACLU and a whole bunch of other pro-abortion organizations.

Pro-life blogger Rebecca Taylor has noted that feminist groups frequently remain silent on the issue of sex-selection abortions. “One may ask where are the feminists in the face of this disastrous practice that marginalizes all women?  Where are the champions of women and their reproductive rights?  They are mostly silent,” she said. “They championed choice and now that choice is being used to kill millions of female fetuses and subjugate women, they have nothing to say lest the sacred abortion cow be slaughtered.”

But Planned Parenthood and their pals aren't silent now. Indeed, they are loudly and aggressively opposing the proposed law.

And these dastardly villains receive $1 million a day from our government?

I suggest it's time for a few more letters and calls to your political representatives demanding that such cold-hearted abortion zealots as Planned Parenthood stop getting free cash from the government. Here's the page for contact information.