Monday, December 19, 2011

Communist China: Too Many Turning to God

Should we be expecting new waves of religious persecution in Communist China? As if persecution of Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, and others hasn't been ongoing already.

In a recent public statement, Zhu Weiqun, one of the country's top party officials explained that increasing religious belief, especially in Christianity, is threatening Communist China's national health. Therefore, greater pains must be taken to root it out and eradicate it. You see, China requires its party members (which includes all government workers) to be atheists and top officials are getting ticked off that so many in the ranks are turning towards God.

"Voices have appeared within the party calling for an end to the ban on religion, arguing in favor of the benefits of religion for party members and even claiming the ban on religion for party members is unconstitutional," Zhu said. "In fact, our party's principled stance regarding forbidding members from believing in religion has not changed one iota."