Friday, December 16, 2011

Claire Reviews New Rosati Book, Wait No More

Among our most respected and long-term friends are John & Kelly Rosati, Christian pro-life colleagues who we have known since their time in Nebraska -- before John's service in the Air Force and Kelly's service for Focus on the Family took them to Hawaii, Wisconsin, Hawaii again and Colorado. They are a very impressive couple: smart, caring, and visionary.

John & Kelly's new book, Wait No More: One Family's Amazing Adoption Journey, was a project they were asked to write by Kelly's Focus on the Family colleagues. It was a labor of love about an even greater labor of love; namely, raising a family of adopted children. I'm almost sure you will find the book as interesting and inspiring as I did. In fact, like me, you'll feel like giving the Rosatis (Mom, Dad and all four kids) a big hug after reading it.

Wait No More isn't a sugar-coated book. It is an honest but love-filled account of the difficulties involved in responsibly raising a family. There are special challenges that the now multi-racial Rosati family have faced because their children were once orphans in the foster care system and the kids had some really tough starts in life. But if there are special challenges, there are also special blessings for Christians who embrace adoption -- blessings now and in the world to come.

I appreciated very much how Kelly & John sought God’s direction in all the decisions they had to make. And how they move forward, one day at a time, in continued dependence on His power and grace. There are tears in reading Wait No More. There is laughter. But most of all, there is love.

The book also tells of Kelly's ministry with Focus on the Family and the Wait No More project. You'll find that program really inventive, compassionate and stirring. It is a program in which couples are being challenged (then equipped) to handle the awesome ministry opportunity represented by adoption.

I loved reading the book and it only increased the already strong affection and respect we have for John & Kelly. And even those of you who don't know the Rosatis yet will get to know them...and love reading Wait No More. You too will share in the blessing of their faithfulness.

Check out this short video clip to hear a teaser from John & Kelly themselves.

Wait No More: One Family's Amazing Adoption Journey can be purchased from Amazon or, better still, from Focus on the Family itself.