Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Busy and Varied Day

I'm finishing up blogging here and the morning has flown by already. It started with prayer and sidewalk counseling outside the grisly Planned Parenthood abortion mill, continued with blogging and then we enjoyed an unexpected visit from Jennifer Hunter. Claire and I had tea with her, caught up on the latest activities of her and her husband Ben, and also talked a bit about ministry in nursing homes. After taking a Senior Tsunami course with Glenn Pearson, Jenny is beginning an outreach of personal visitation. Very cool. And since we have a bit of experience in that field too, we had an nice talk.

Next on the agenda today is cleaning up and heading to Bellevue's Harmony Court independent living facility where we present Number 3 of the 5 "When Swing Was King" Christmas programs we're doing just this week. Whew. There will be 16 Christmas presentations before we're done!

Later this afternoon, I'll try to do a little work on the LifeSharer letter, but I'll also be overseeing the professionals from Terry Hughes Tree Service who are coming over to seriously trim the two Silver Maples in the front yard. Then tonight I'll be giving three presentations to AWANA kids at Country Bible Church in Blair tonight. Any and all prayers most greatly appreciated.

Despite the intense activity today, we're feeling encouraged and invigorated. Part of that is due to the terrific evening we spent with friends last night. Because last Saturday's snow canceled our first Christmas dinner party of the season, our 3-couple affair last night was actually our first. Throughout the meal and afterward were wonderful conversations about Christmas, the Faith, heaven, and the kind of true worship of God that is also beneficial to man.

An added source of inspiration around here is the splendid Christmas atmosphere that Claire creates for Christmas. The place is gorgeous and she uses decorations that mean a lot to us -- things connected to family, our early years of marriage, mission trips around the world, and dear friends. Really nice.