Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Midway Through a Whirlwind Week

Our furious week continues.

Monday involved blogging, a wonderful lunch with a dear friend Jeanne Lawson at Dolce, and a "When Swing Was King" presentation in the afternoon at Life Care Center in Elkhorn. Jeanne went with us to see the program and, bless her heart, she ended up being a key part of the ministry as she helped bring residents to and fro, visited with them and greatly encouraged Claire and I. Monday night we put on the Christmas music again, finished our Christmas jigsaw puzzle and then we worked on the edits to the LifeSharer and some other things I had written. I also stayed up and "pre-posted" the next day's Vital Signs Blog entries.

I awoke terribly early yesterday morning (Tuesday) to finish my blogging and to do some writing on our annual Notting Hill Napoleons book recommendation list which has to be done by Thursday night. Then at 8:30 I headed down to Lincoln for a meeting with Greg, Karen and Suzanne at Suzanne and Jim's lovely home down in Lincoln. Our project was to solidify the structure (and quite a bit of the actual content too) of the website for Nebraskans Against Planned Parenthood. It was a very productive 3 hours. Good job, guys.

I got home around 1:30, revved up our amazing Yardman leaf-devouring machine (shown proudly above) and started in on the front yard. I got about 1/3 of it cleared (Hey, there's grass under there!) before I had to go on to the next item on the agenda; namely, another presentation of "When Swing Was King." 

All this time Claire had stayed in Omaha printing up and then mailing out the November LifeSharer letter from Vital Signs Ministries. It's quite a job even when there's two of us working on it but she handled it all alone yesterday. She finished and got 'em all to the post office just in time to call me in to clean up and head over to the nursing home.

Immediately after that, I took Claire for an eye doctor appointment and while she was being looked after, I did some work on the NAPP website. Then last night, we had a late dinner, talked over the book recommendations, played a couple of hands of rummy and...watched via instant download on Netflix a really touching and beautifully photographed Christmas movie. It's one we heartily enjoyed and there's a lot to think about after viewing it. So, if you're not bothered by Santa movies and if you can deal with a film being dubbed (the film was made in Finland), we suggest you take a chance with the poignant and gorgeous Joulutarina (titled in English "Christmas Story"). A really great Christmas flick.

And now today? Blogging (including the time-consuming piece that's posted just below this one), finishing the leaf roundup, some Christmas season social planning, one more visit with Jeanne before she leaves for Colorado, an important edit on the current edition of "When Swing Was King" and getting some serious reading time for Pickwick Papers. 845 pages by Thursday night? Yipes!