Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Jacksonville Joke: City Officials Deny Freedom of Speech

This has got to be one of the dumbest and lamest excuses for passing a city ordinance I’ve seen in a long time.

The city of Jacksonville, NC has passed an ordinance requiring pro-lifers in groups as small as 2 people to obtain a permit in order to pray outside the local abortion clinic.  When Dr Bartolo and other pro-lifers gathered on the public sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic, the police asked them to move and cited the ordinance.

When asked to justify the ordinance, the police chief cited safety concerns in case a car ran off the street, jumped the curb and hit one of the protesters.

That makes as much sense as the city ordinance in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona that states it is illegal to shoot a buffalo on city streets.  Not only are there no buffalo in or around Ft Huachuca but there never have been...

This is one of many instances demonstrating just how far pro-abortion advocates will go, even to the point of violating the constitutional rights of others, to protect their murderous practices.  I pray that not only does the Thomas More Society win the case, but that all of the city officials in Jacksonville that were involved in the passing of this ordinance, lose their positions in city government and are ordered to make restitution to the pro-lifers.

(D.A. Tagliare, Godfather Politics)

Obviously, a few prayers are in order here. And perhaps you'd consider writing a letter or e-mail to lodge your complaint with local authorities about their heavy-handed bullying, not to mention the absurd and unconstitutional shenanigans they're using to justify it.

I sent along an e-mail to the Mayor of Jacksonville, the Chief of Police and the local newspaper. (The contact info for those three is printed below.) The request was simple and courteous: "Please put a quick end to your city's needless and mean-spirited harassment of peaceful pro-life demonstrators. The ordinance your city is using (one about permits being required for any group larger than 2 because cars could conceivably jump the curb!) is unconstitutional and patently silly. Let's get real. Your actions will certainly be overturned in court but, in the meantime, you will be foolishly spending taxpayer money in the litigation and creating a very poor image for the city."

Police Chief Michael G. Yaniero --

Mayor Sammy Phillips --

City of Jacksonville, North Carolina
PO Box 128 Jacksonville, NC 28541

Jacksonville newspaper: