Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Back to Work

Alas, the vacation part of our 40th anniversary working vacation has ended. And now it's back to business as usual for Claire and I and Vital Signs Ministries.


Actually, the vacation ended Monday night when we returned from our 12-day stay at a lovely condo at Eagle's Nest just outside of Branson, Missouri. Yesterday we were back at it in earnest. Claire got the shopping and laundry done, removed hundreds of e-mails from our spam files, returned calls and in many other ways organized things at the house. Meanwhile, I spent the day writing. Among the projects completed were the November LifeSharer letter, a letter to pastors offering our help in creating letter-writing parties for their churches, and a letter to selected businesses asking their help in keeping "When Swing Was King" going strong.

Today's agenda includes sidewalk counseling at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill, returning the rental car, sending out several e-mails, typing up and getting mailed out the letters written yesterday, the return (after a week's absence) to blogging and Facebook, a "When Swing Was King" presentation and a dinner with friends later tonight.

Busy? I guess. But we do feel refreshed and re-energized after our Branson break. The details about that trip will be shared in that November LifeSharer letter, by the way. So look for it to be posted on the Vital Signs Ministries website early next week.