Friday, November 18, 2011

And Now Nebraska City

Our noble literary society, the Notting Hill Napoleons, is about to conclude our 20th year of reading classic literature together. That's some achievement, huh?

It has been a grand fellowship -- stimulating, empowering and fun. And one of the ways we celebrate our book club is spending part of a weekend at the Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast down in Nebraska City. It's a time when we discuss our Charles Dickens book of the year, decide upon next year's reading list, have delicious meals together, wonderful conversation, prayers, walks and other adventures. It's too short a time really -- we get down there Friday night and have to leave early on Sunday to get back to our respective church services -- but it still is an important milestone in our year.

And to get ready for the weekend means, among other things, that we get the book read! This year that means Pickwick Papers, a full 800 plus pages and that has helped provide a lot of drama for our schedule this past week. But things are looking up. This will be the last blog post for the week and most everything else on our to-do list has been covered. The only things left to do are sending out the Vital Signs Blog "Top Ten" e-mailing, shopping for the weekend, finishing the book, writing a couple of letters, sending over the material for the monthly pastor's portion of the church newsletter and presenting another "When Swing Was King" at Via Christe nursing home. That will make our fourth presentation this week!

But right from that program, we'll be on our way. Whispering Pines, here we come.

P.S. If you'd like to read through our recommendations for this year's reading, just check out the post below this one.