Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adult Stem Cells Reversing Heart Damage

Here's yet another success story involving adult stem cells, this one involving medical treatments already being conducted which improve heart function and improve the damage suffered after heart failure. That's terrific, life-saving news!

But, true to form, many of the media stories about this exciting breakthrough are failing (quite deliberately, I believe) to emphasize that the stem cells involved here are adult stem cells. No human embryos had to die to carry on the treatments or, for that matter, the research which led to them.

That's science as it's supposed to be -- sound, moral and truly progressive.

However, because the media has invested its credibility in embryonic stem cell research (which has proven, in more ways than one, to be a dead end), they frequently report on adult stem cell success stories without ever mentioning the extremely relevant source of the stem cells. This is exactly what Diane Sawyer did in her coverage of the story on television last night.

In this way, the media manipulates the story for its own ends. By withholding the true source of the stem cells, they create a false impression with the public. People hear the good news stories about stem cells and incorrectly associate those stories with ESCR. After all, that's what the Obama administration and their fellow travelers in the press are touting. And that's where the billions of taxpayer dollars are being invested.

It's up to you and I (and excellent organizations like Nebraskans Concerned for Ethical Research) to tell people the truth.

Anyhow, here's the story from two sources that did tell the truth. Hats off to them both, CNN website reporter Caleb Hellerman and ABC's website reporter Katie Moisse.