Monday, October 17, 2011

Letters for Life

One of Vital Signs' most important advocacy events occurs not at an open air meeting or a church auditorium but just at our little house. It's an event that doesn't require a lot of planning or public promotion. Indeed, it's a small, unassuming and easy to create event. And that very simplicity is one of the reasons that Vital Signs has staged this advocacy event every 3 or 4 months for almost 30 years.

The other reason we do it? Because it's very effective in giving voice to our ideals and spiritual convictions.

I'm talking, as some of you have guessed, about Vital Signs' ongoing series of letter-writing parties, a pleasant fellowship in which like-minded friends put their principles on paper and send them along to people whose actions can make a difference in our culture.

While others merely gripe about the woes of the world, the Vital Signs team tries to raise banners of truth in the public square in ways that bring significant change. That's why we sidewalk counsel in front of the abortion mills; why we've held conferences and published articles; why we've spent years on radio and now in various cyberspace outreaches; why we preach and teach...

And yes, why we write letters.

Below I print just a few samples of the 108 letters written at last week's letter-writing party. (The number attending the party, by the way, was 10.) The issue that stimulated the most letters was the de-funding of mega-abortion corporation, Planned Parenthood. But others concerned the persecuted Church, decency issues, gambling, religious freedom, education and thank yous to those who are doing the right thing. I print the following as an encouragement for you to follow their lead. It's not at all difficult but it could be oh-so-important -- for the Kingdom, for your conscience, for an example to your family and friends. Imagine the impact if the Church truly engaged the culture...if Christians really took to heart their responsibilities to be salt and light in our world!

For those of you interested in following through with your own letters dealing with the issues addresses below, you can find the appropriate addresses at this page on the Vital Signs Ministries web site. Here is a nifty primer on writing effective letters. The Taking Action section of this blog features relevant alerts for letter-writing advocates. And if you're interested in learning how to create your own letter-writing party, check out this example.  And finally, check out this brief but profound video clip about the power of the hand-written letter.

Here you go:

Dear Mr. Watson [Chevron]

Please end your corporate support for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business.  It is an extremely profitable business (plus it receives government money – another outrage) so it doesn’t need your support.
And a business that kills unborn boys and girls, promotes promiscuity for youth, and lies to both the government and the public about how they’ve misused taxpayer funds doesn’t deserve your support.

Until Chevron ends the bizarre partnership, we cannot patronize your business.  And we’re passing the word.


Dear Omaha Public Schools,

The $130,000 spent on the “sensitivity manuals” for your staff and teachers is outrageous. Is your staff so suspected of racism and sexism that they need this training?  How insulting to your many fine teachers? Everyday I am glad to live in Sarpy County where the people have a say.



Dear Komen for the Cure,

So many well meaning folks are deceived by the media and some politicians, I must suppose that is the case with your policymakers.  Planned Parenthood murders over 200,000 babies annually.  Obviously, you can partner with decent people to do screenings or develop that capability on your own.  Please sever your ties with Planned Parenthood.



Dear Bill Marriott [Marriott Hotel chain]

Your decision to support Planned Parenthood has greatly offended me.  They only provide dangerous abortions to women – violating health standards/no follow-up/etc. I strongly urge you to support another charity that truly helps women and does not endanger their health.  Please change your policy.


Dear Home Depot,

Can you tell me why your company would be involved with a gay pride festival? Did someone in marketing tell you to target homosexuals?  Aren’t you in business to make money?  This is something you shouldn’t even think about being involved with.


Allen...(A middle-class homeowner who does a lot of his own repairs)

P.S.  Menards is looking awfully good to me.

Dear Congressman Terry,

As you know, pro-life forces have fought Planned Parenthood for years.  We experience limited success as we are up against their federal funding and support from the community (i.e.United Way). We are wondering how Planned Parenthood, the main abortion provider in the nation, is covered by the IRS 501c3 requirements?  They are a for-profit business and need to be re-classified.  Is this possible?

We would appreciate you looking into this.  Thank you.


Q & C...

Mr. Merlo [CVS Pharmacy]

It was sad to see the CVS website selling sex toys.  Come on!  Why?!  Please get back to being a family-friendly store. I will not shop your store until things change.

Dear U.S. State Department,

Please get serious about standing for human rights around the world, especially the barbarism being practiced by Islamic and Communist governments against Christians and other peaceful people of conscience.