Monday, October 17, 2011

The Fatuous Franky Schaeffer Is Still Loose: Calls for Loony Left to "Occupy" Churches

Given my deep respect and appreciation for his father, how it exasperates me to alert you to the latest goofball article Frank Schaeffer has written for the Huffington Post.

A blogger for The Huffington Post, young Schaeffer is now faulting religious conservatives for facilitating Wall Street greed. He’s imploring the Wall Street Occupiers to “protest the root source of America’s tilt to the far unregulated corporate right.” For Schaeffer, the next logical step is to demonstrate “outside mega churches, Evangelical publishing houses, [and] religious organizations that lead the ‘moral’ crusades against women and gays and all the rest.”

Will the Wall Street Occupiers heed Schaeffer’s frenzied call and next park their tents, blankets and anti-capitalist placards in the parking lots of suburban mega churches? It seems unlikely. But Schaeffer’s demand fits with the crazy Left’s sometime fixation on demonizing opponents based on class and religion...

Mark Tooley has more here in this Front Page Magazine piece.