Friday, October 07, 2011

Democrats Vote the Party Line on Funding United Nations "Population Control"

How do you feel about your tax money supporting Communist China's brutal one-child-only policies -- policies that include forced abortion, forced sterilization, severe punishment and imprisonment of Chinese citizens?

Next question...How do you feel about Democrats insisting  you support such injustice?

In speaking about keeping taxpayer money from funding Communist China's barbarism via U.S. payments to the United Nations, Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Chairwoman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, testified,

“UNFPA clearly does not need U.S. funding. Reports indicate that UNFPA has built up reserves and unspent funds of 500 million dollars.  UNFPA’s annual report for 2010 indicated that its budget totaled 870 million dollars – a record amount. So why, when Americans face a struggling economy, skyrocketing deficits, and crushing debt, should our taxpayer dollars go to an organization that supports coercive abortion and is flush with cash?  Again, there are much better uses for taxpayer funds than sending millions to UNFPA.”

Not according to the 17 Democrats on the Committee, all of whom voted to require American taxpayers to subsidize the dastardly UNFPA, an agency that not only channels millions to help China carry out it's brutality but openly praises the Communist nation as providing an efficient model of population control!

I am not a Republican. And I get as angry and frustrated as any of you with the shenanigans that some in the G.O.P. have pulled.  Nevertheless, I must say that a Christian has no business whatsoever voting for any candidate who is aligned with the Democrat Party.  It has been completely corrupted by forces representing repression, anti-Americanism, unsustainable government spending and yes, the immoral horrors of the culture of death.