Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"The Shortest Hour of the Month"

From a resident: “Your program is the shortest hour in my whole month!  Oh, how I love this music.  And the pictures and stories you tell are so interesting.  Please keep coming back.”

A note from an activities director: “Thank you for the wonderful music programs you do for the residents – ours as well as so many others.  What memories they bring to the folks and every week I see how meaningful that is to them.  It is a lifeline as well as a common bond among them. Enclosed is a ticket for you both to join us here for a meal sometime.  We’d love to have you as our guests!”

Also from an activities director: “You guys have no idea how much our residents love you two and they appreciate so much all the time you put in to making these different music programs for them.  They refer to you all month long.”

From a resident who almost didn’t stay for the program: “Wow.  Am I glad I stuck around for this.  It was great.. Will you make sure they come and get me the next time you come?”

Our schedule for "When Swing Was King" just continues to expand. Just last week, for example, we were invited to three new facilities! Please pray that we can keep up with the requests -- and with everything else we have to do!