Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Obama Economy: Yet Another Nightmare Appointment

In this enlightening Washington Examiner column, Cal Thomas describes what's awaiting America with the appointment of leftist theoritician Alan Krueger to be chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

...Krueger, writing for the New York Times blog in 2009, proposed as an object of discussion, instituting a 5 percent consumption, or value added tax, on top of the income tax, which he said would "raise approximately $500 billion a year, and fill a considerable hole in the budget outlook."

He acknowledged that a consumption tax would "reduce economic activity" and be a "greater burden for the poor, who spend a relatively high share of their income."

How many of those working in the private sector think government deserves more of our money when it has done such a dreadful job of spending what we have already provided it?...

The naming of Krueger is another indication that Obama is not likely to adjust his "spread the wealth around" philosophy in light of the facts. With the words "fanatic" and "extremist" being applied by liberal Democrats to some of the Republican presidential candidates, Obama continues to engage in economic extremism with fanatical policies that don't have a chance of producing jobs in the private sector, much less win congressional approval.

Freddy Krueger terrorized his victims in their dreams. If Alan Krueger has his way, the dreams of too many Americans will soon become nightmares.