Thursday, September 01, 2011

If In Doubt, Shoot the Bear

Wesley J. Smith weighs in on the incredible travesty of the federal government prosecuting a man who shot a grizzly bear -- a she bear who was in his yard and endangering the dad's young children! (Jeremy's family is shown in the photo at left.)

No one is happy about the dead bear, but good grief!  If this is any way an accurate depiction of the facts, why are the Feds prosecuting?  This is just blind, obtuse, bureaucratism, tinged with radical environmentalism.  Protecting endangered species is a good thing, but not at the expense of a real potential for loss of human life.

I once saw an IMAX movie that depicted grizzly bears as akin to cows.  Pure propaganda.  In fact, grizzlies are very dangerous predators that can run as fast as a race horse.  (I saw one in Yellowstone last year chasing a wolf off an elk carcass.  An awesome and truly frightening sight!).  Relevant to this discussion, two hikers have been killed in Yellowstone this year by grizzly bears, one by a mother bear with cubs.

Human life is priceless.  Bear life is not.  If in doubt, shoot the bear.