Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How You Doing With Those Facebook Changes?

A Facebook friend explained this morning why everyone's "traffic" is dropping. It seems that with the changes Facebook made recently, it is extremely important that friends "like," "share" or "comment" on your friend's posts. If you don't, those posts will likely be edited off your home page and you'll never see them.

Here at Vital Signs Blog we've seen that. Our posts that we upload onto Facebook simply aren't showing up for many people. So, be sure to "like" the posts of the friends you want to continue seeing. If not, it's probably bye bye.

Of course, Facebook is to blame for these frustrations but they don't really care. As long as their revenue continues to soar, they're happy. And make no mistake, Facebook is making a lot of money off of you. This is true even for those Facebook loyalists who are okay with whatever confusing, infuriating changes the company makes -- because they believe it's a free service.

It ain't.

"The more FB pushes the sharing and following and being followed, the more the paid ads and information about each user gets distributed. So that gives the advertisers more 'hits' for their dollar. It's about money. It's not free for users -- - we pay by giving up privacy to advertisers and others who are buying, and keeping, info about us."

An exaggeration, you think? AP's USA Today story thinks not. "The company is expected to bring in $3.8 billion in worldwide advertising revenue this year and $5.8 billion in 2012, according to research firm eMarketer. The more time people spend on its site or share and the more information they share about themselves, the better companies can target their ads."


Reading through Facebook forums, I've seen that the overwhelming (and I do mean, overwhelming!) response to the new changes is angry confusion and the increased conviction that FB seems to be competing with Netflix in ticking people off. And since arrogance drives people away as much as does unwanted interference, people are dropping out in droves.

I'm pretty close to doing so too. But I'll stick a bit longer by trying to squeeze what effectiveness I can out of the snarly thing.

For instance, in addition to doing what I suggested in the first paragraph (liking everything I see from friends that I want to keep contact with), I've created a list labeled "All List" and then gone through and checked every single one of my FB friends that I consider important reading. It takes a little time but then, instead of being satisfied with what FB tells you are your "top stories," you just hit your "All List" and, like the old days, you're able to read all of your friends' posts as they come in. I think it works anyhow. Try it.