Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catholic Priest Removed for Preaching Against Sin

So this is what it's come to. Sigh.

A Roman Catholic priest preaches (from the pulpit during a mass) and in his sermon he denounces some of the sins that the Bible clearly denounces: homosexual activity, cohabitation and abortion. That's as it should be, right? Indeed, the preacher has a divine obligation to teach plainly, unequivocally and forcefully exactly what the Lord reveals in His Word. To fail to do so would be an egregious act of disobedience and faithlessness.

But in this case, a local mayor (an apostate who claims to be Catholic, but who nevertheless engages in homosexual behavior and serves as an activist in the promotion of homosexuality) agitates against the priest. He even demands that the Eudist Fathers censure the priest and get him removed from his duties.

And the Catholic order, more afraid of being politically-incorrect than offending God, does just that!

And you don't think we've reached the twilight of civilization?