Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Awful Truth About Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood loves to spout slogans and spin platitudes.

Planned Parenthood loves to suppress the truth about their racist origins, their immense profits, their reception of millions from taxpayers, their profane "educational" materials, their deceptive manipulation with clients, and their involvement in criminal activity.

And, oh yes. Planned Parenthood loves something else. They love abortion. And in addition to providing poisonous chemicals which destroy millions of preborn boys and girls, Planned Parenthood's own abortionists perform over 300,000 surgical abortions a year.

At an average cost of $450 per child aborted in this barbaric manner, Planned Parenthood is raking in nearly $1.4 million. That's 36.7% of their entire "health center" income.

And that's a far cry from Planned Parenthood's claim that surgical abortion represents just 3% of their business.

It's way past time for Americans to realize the facts. For despite those apple pie billboards, Planned Parenthood is not a family planning organization. It is the bloodiest, most blasphemous abortionist in the nation. Pass the word.